Smart cities

An increasingly complex issue for Smart City managers. How can international decision-makers in charge of Smart Cities train, enhance their expertise and build an international community for experience sharing and mutual support? 

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illustration block YEARBOOK 2019 + SMART CITIES 2030


This Yearbook draws on a year’s observation of the latest smart city initiatives worldwide to provide every member of the Netexplo Smart Cities Accelerator community with a common core of clearly organised knowledge and information. 

The city of 2030 is being shaped today. Whether experts, politicians, scientists, visionaries, architects or, most importantly, citizens, what choices will we make in the coming months for future generations? This book makes sense of a year of studies by the Netexplo Observatory on every continent from a range of angles. 


Trends & Events

Tech innovation can happen anywhere, anytime in any shape or form. Sometimes it's surprising, strange or even worrying. But always exciting. 

Netexplo's mission is to track that innovation and identify the initiatives that matter. Then we define the underlying trends so you can grasp tomorrow's issues and make the right decisions today. 

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