In April, take time to learn more about Data/AI

Lockdown is a great opportunity to try something new. In April, we suggest testing your knowledge of data transformation with Dataready

From optimization to prediction, data and artificial intelligence are central issues for businesses of every size and in every sector.

Data transformation is of strategic importance to all companies as they manage the governance and use of data.

Managers need to acquire new skills to drive this transformation. A recent survey of 64 executives at major US corporations (American Express, Ford, General Electric, General Motors, Johnson & Johnson, etc.) found that adopting their Big Data and Artificial Intelligence policy raised problems in 77% of cases. And for 93% of managers the difficulties stem from people and organizational processes, not technical aspects.

The aim is to measure your managers and experts’ knowledge of data and AI to help them progress and implement your company’s data transformation.

We produced Netexplo Dataready in 2020 to meet that need.

Who is Netexplo Dataready for?
Netexplo Dataready is for team and project managers with a part to play in developing data projects for both support and line departments. They must have enough data knowledge to interact with specialists and drive the company’s data transformation.
Netexplo Dataready is not specifically for data scientists or data analysts (except for the strategy and social responsibility parts).

How is Netexplo Dataready designed?
1/ A digital knowledge assessment system, based on a data transformation knowledge matrix with 4 dimensions (Operating Excellence / Strategy &  Organisation / Social Responsibility & Issues / Technologies) created by Julien Lévy, lecturer at HEC business school. A 32-item questionnaire is drawn from the matrix and can be answered in one or more goes, taking around 35 minutes.

2/ An online measurement, reporting and recommendation tool:
- SaaS with well-designed UX
- results page that enables users to compare with colleagues and all users
- easy access via login/password
- back office with monitoring features for project leads

Like to try it? Just go to netexplodataready.com