BNP Paribas Netexplo Innovation Forum


 As you know, BNP Paribas is a member of Netexplo Observatory, which watches and makes sense of global innovation. This is all the more important at a time when businesses and projects are being challenged and reinvented in every sector.

 After taking part in an interactive talk on Netexplo Observatory’s latest trends, BNP Paribas employees have access to all the analyses and interviews with speakers at the 2020 Netexplo  Forum. 

 The trends, resulting from observations and insights developed before the current pandemic, have proved visionary. Netexplo’s model of 3 change scenarios, focusing on a sustainable future, is just as relevant to the Covid crisis. These trends apply perfectly to today’s socially distanced world but go much further, providing a broader, long-term framework for understanding the strategic and operating issues facing all organizations.

 The annual Netexplo Innovation Forum, which was due to take place at UNESCO, Paris, in March, comes to you in a new form: a platform of content selected for BNP Paribas. You’ll discover inspiring and useful material that will help you make the best possible decisions in the weeks ahead. The platform contains:

1/ Terramorphing - the 2020 Netexplo Trends, more topical than ever.

2/ The 10 Netexplo Award Winners 2020, chosen for their relevant, game-changing innovations. At BNP Paribas, you might find these three particularly interesting : Doconomy, Samaritan and SMaRT eWaste Factory.

3/ A range of speakers whose inspiring visions provide insight into today’s issues.

4/ The Netexplo 100: a unique selection of world-changing initiatives.

Click here (password superexplo) to explore the near future. BNP Paribas and Netexplo wish you bon voyage.

Click here for the interactive trends magazine :  https://netexplo.com/terramorphose-2020-fr