For the past 10 years or more, executives have been expected to drive digital transformation without any training in this massive shift.

Covering technologies, practices, business models, product management, culture, data strategy and ecosystems, Becoming More Digital is a unique course that gives a 360° view of digital transformation for every evolving profession and business. It is the starting point of an operating process, setting out the seven levers that let managers start, drive and boost transformation projects.

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Learning Goals


Designed for managers and executives of companies (large companies, Midcaps, institutions, all sectors, all professions), this course enables participants to:

  • Learn how to build a digital strategy that is suited to their organization by analysing its maturity.
  • Grasp the key success factors for digital transformation (technologies, data, product management, culture).
  • Anticipate changes in their business model resulting from digital tech (e.g. platform, freemium, as a service).
  • Understand the most popular digital technologies and methods and know when and how to use them effectively.
  • Grasp the key change management stages to play an active part in transformation, anticipate organizational risk areas and maximize the chances of lasting success.


Educational engineering is headed by Nicolas Petit, chairman & founder of Native and supervisor of the Digital Native Executive Certificate at Mines Paris-PSL. Nicolas has more than 15 years’ international executive experience in the digital industry and in digital enterprise transformation (formerly VP, Microsoft Corporation, and COO, Microsoft France).

He is supported by eminent research lecturers from Mines Paris-PSL and Dauphine-PSL.

The course also includes first-hand accounts from industry and service executives who have successfully completed digital transformation projects.

How & When?

This certificate can be completed in two formats:

- At the learner's pace, with several virtual classes planned monthly.

To find out more, download the guidebook at learner's pace

- Or in a "two-day intensive" format with more virtual classes. In two consecutive days, the learner has already covered 90% of the training. Only available in French

To find out more, download the guidebook "Two-day intensive" (in French)

Information & registration gernoud@netexplo.org