Netexplo and ESCP Business School joined forces three years ago to create an innovative program on key management issues. More than 3,000 executives and project managers from companies in the transformation process have completed the program and obtained a Facilitating business’ digital transformation certificate.

Two international studies -one on the talents and skills required for digital transformation and one on best management practices for digital transformation projects - have been produced by Pr. Frank Bournois and Alexandre Tissot, Ph.D. They set out new models, drawn from observation of real-life management methods for transformation projects in major companies. The program is now available in an 18-hour, fully online format. It lets you learn, discuss and think about these issues so you can boost digital transformation projects in your organisation.

To register: gpernoud@netexplo.org

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Who Is The Certificate For?

Facilitating digital transformation is not the preserve of a specific job. It is a mission for everyone in the enterprise. This program is for everyone who is aware of the ongoing changes in terms of management and wants to implement them in their company to facilitate its digital transformation. It was designed from cases in major companies but is equally relevant to small and medium size businesses.

It provides a reference framework of practices and tools that apply to every enterprise. The focus is not on the scale of the project or the resources used, but on behaviour and methods.

What Are The Learning Goals?

After training, participants will be able to:

  • Mobilize the resources of their environment on transformation projects, by becoming the ambassadors and the agents of change;

  • Build a digital transformation project management process (contribute to corporate strategy, governance, collaborative tools for project teams, project monitoring);

  • Analyse digital transformation projects according to their contexts: customer experience design, process improvement;

  • Position themselves as contributors on an agile project team (required skills, operating methods, interactions, etc.).